Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tim Kennedy wants to prove he is the number one contender

When you have a chance to fight a world championship and come up on the short end of it, you always have that bitter taste in your mouth, but not Strikeforce middleweight Tim Kennedy. Kennedy defeated Melvin Manhoef via submission at last night's at Strikeforce: Hendo vs Feijao event.

Kennedy who faced current Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza in August at the Strikeforce event in Houston and lost a very close decision says he is in no rush to fight for the title immediately and will fight the previous title challenger in Robbie Lawler.

Kennedy says, " Let me prove I'm the number one contender by fighting the number two guy in the entire world".

Strikeforce has a card in his home state of Texas on June 18th in Dallas and the card isn't finalized, so maybe we see that bout happen at that time.

You can listen to the entire backstage interview with Tim Kennedy at

Jorge Gurgel says his wife is the champion of the family

Jorge Gurgel who upped his record to 14-7 by defeating Billy Vaughan last night via submission (RNC) in 44 seconds at Strikeforce: Hendo vs Feijao, but he was more happy that his wife won her fight last night as well.

If you don't know who his wife, it is Bellator 115 lb Women's champion Zoila Frausto who defeated Karina Hallinana in a non-title bout.

Gurgel and Fruasto who had just married recently, but he was glowing when talking about her as they had both trained together before Zoila went off to California for final preparations.

Gurgel said, " I knew she was not going to lose and made my night complete when I found out that she won".

So, who is the better fighter in family?

"Zoila is the true champion of the family".

To listen to the backstage interview Jorge Gurgel, visit

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Strikeforce: Henderson vs Feijao Post-fight Press Conference Notes

Post-Fight Press Conference Notes

Scott Coker was a no-show at the post-fight press conference due to a continued according to Strikeforce officials.

The crowd announced by Strikeforce was 7,125 at the Nationwide Arena.

Jorge Gurgel said, "felt like it was an insult to be on the prelims but was glad to do in front of his hometown and his students and it is a one time thing".

Jorge Masvidal said he will fight at either 155 or 170 and doesn't care who he fights next, but would prefer KJ Noons.

Tim Kennedy said it he would like to fight Mayhem Miller or Robbie Lawler next, but was leaning towards Lawler as Kennedy thinks he's the number one middleweight in Strikeforce behind Jacare.

Liz Carmouche said she felt like she had Coenen in the 2nd but is a great champion and was glad to pass her finals while training for the fight.

Rafael Feijao said that he felt ok and will bounce back and learned a lot from this fight.

Dan Henderson said that 205 is his home and looks forward to the challenges that Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Division has a couple intriguing possibilities and looks forward to whoever Strikeforce puts in front of him.

Strikeforce: Hendo vs Feijao Main card

1) Jorge Masvidal vs Billy Evangelista

Round 1- Masvidal forcing the issue with some kicks and jabs to open the fight. Evangelista throwing a lot right jabs to begin the fight. Takedown by Masvidal but Evangelista able to pop up. Evangelista has Masvidal in the clinch and both fighters now in the middle of the cage. Takedown by Evangelista but Masvidal has him in a guillotine as Masvidal pushes himself up. With Evangelista throwing knees with Masvidal trying get hooks amd gets the fight back in the middle. Exchange of kicks by both guys as. the round ends Masvidal had a guillotine with a Muay-Thai knee to end the round. Round 1 to Evangelista with the takedown and more active

Round 2- Both guys exchange jabs to begin the roound and then exchange kicks. Masvidal gets Evangelista in the clinch with a couple knees. Evangleista tries to throw a kick by blocked by Masvidal and takes down Evagelista and short scramble and Evangelista gets back to his feet. Sprawl by Masvidal stuffs Evangelista's takedown attempt. Masvidal starting to control the tempo with his jabs. Masvidal takes down Evangelista but Evangelista gets right up. Masvidal with another takedown with Evanglista gets right back up. Masvidal really controlling the pace of the round with cage control as the round ends. Round 2 10-9 to Masvidal

Round 3- Round begins a combination by Evangelista. Masvidal throwing jabs and using good movement with his jab. Overhand right by masvidal staggers Evangelista but doesn't capitalize. Attempted takedown by Masvidal is denied and both fighters back standing as the crowd is booing. Masvidal controlling the fight with his jab. Evangelista sensing urgency starts throwing right hooks and knee attempts and both fighters ended in the clinch to end the fight.
Round 3 to Masvidal as I have the fight 29-28 Masvidal. The judges score it 30-27 Jorge Masvidal

2) Tim Kennedy vs Melvin Manhoef

Round 1- Manhoef was starting to strike early and was stuffing Kennedey's takedowns early but it was too much for Manhoef as he eventually tapped out.

Winner- Tim Kennedy def Melvin Manhoef via submission (RNC) 3:41 of Round 2

3) Marloes Coenen vs Liz Carmouche

Round 1- The round was basically all standing Coenen did dominate with the standup as she won the round 10-9

Round 2- Both fighters echanged some standup early in the round as then carmouche took Coenen down for the remainder of the round with good ground control and punches. 10-9 Carmouche

Round 3- Fighters exchanged a little bit with Carmouche in the clinch and Coenen reversed but really didnt do anything with it. Carmouche then takes Coenen down and landing punches to the side of the head and Coenen keeps trying to put her legs up for a triangle to no avail. Hammerfists by Carmouche as all Coenen can do is try to block the shots. 10-9 Carmouche

Round 4- Coenen starts with round with an inside leg kick and then takes down Carmouche as Carmouche tries a triangle. Coenen lets Carmouche up. Carmouche then takes down Coenen a minute into the 4th and as Carmouche left her arm open, Coenen locks in a triangle choke as Carmouche taps out.

Winner- Marloes Coenen def Liz Carmouche via submission (triangle choke) 1:29 of Round 4 to retain Strikeforce Women's Welterweight Title

4) Dan Henderson vs Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante

Round 1- Feijao starts the fight an overhand right to begin the fight knockdown Henderson as Feijao comes at Henderson and he flips over. The rest of the round the fighters lay and prayed on him for the rest of the round. 10-9 Feijao

Round 2- Round begins with both fighters standing in the pockets as henderson hits feijao with an overhand right and then moments later Feijao goes for the takedown but Henderson stuffs and Henderson gets a takedown of his own. Henderson is jaust laying on Feijao with the crowed booing and the referee finally stands them up. Superman punch and a combination by Henderson as he presses Feijao against the cage and scores a takedown to end the round. 10-9 Henderson

Round 3- Vicious right outside leg kick by feijao to begin the round. As both guys were gauging what to do, Henderson lands an overhand right that floors Feijao who falls flat on his face and a couple punches by Henderson and the referee halts the fight.

Winner- Dan Henderson def Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante via KO (0:50) in Round 3 to win the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Title

Strikeforce Prelims

1) JP Felty vs John Kuhner

Round 1- Both fights looked very tentative to begin the opening stanza as bth guys were very tentative throughout the whole round and lay and prayed by Felty. Give felty the 1st, 10-9

Round 2- Kuhner opens the round with a tajedown and locks in a RNC but Felty gets in a fiull mount and ground and pounds Felty and Felty kept giving up his back and Kuhner is pounding him mercifally with punches and with 1:47 Kuhner attempted anohter RNC and only to transition into a full mount. Kuhner then gives up his back and locked in a triangle choke and Felty tapped out.

Winner- John Kuhner def JP Felty via submission (traingle choke) 4:31 in Round 2

2) Marc Cofer vs Mitch Whitesel

Round 1- Whitesel starts off with a couple jabs and left inside leg kicks and Cofer pushes Whitesel into the cage and after about 30 seconds in the clinch they are in the middle of the cage. Cofer forces Whitesel into the cage as Whitesel does a heel-trip takedown snd the Cofer gets on both knees as Whitesel locks in a front guillotine as Cofer taps out.

Winner- Mitch Whitesel def Marc Cofer via submission ( gulliotine choke) 3:55 of Round 1

3) Brian Rodgers vs Ian Rammel

Round 1- Straight right hand by Rodgers staggers Rammel and another straight right hand by Rodgers and a couple knees knocks down Rammel. Rammel throws a right inside leg kick and Rodgers floors him with an overhand right to knock down Rammel but lets Rammel up. Lots of circling by both fighters as Rammel hit Rodgers with a clean right. Then a left hook knocks down Rammel and Rodgers ground and pounds him and then threw some hammer fights and the referee finally calls an end to the bout.

Winner- Brian Rodgers def Ian Rammel via TKO (punches) 4:23 of Round 1

4) Jason Riley vs Jason Freeman

Round 1- Both fighters open up the bout each with leg kicks. Combination by Freeman staggers Riley who then threw an overhand right to knock down Freeman and Freeman gets back and hits Riley and Freeman knocks down Riley and starts landing a flurry of hammerfists and the referee halts the bout

Winner- Jason freeman def Jason Riley via TKO (punches) 1:52 of Round 1

5) Jorge Gurgel vs Billy Vaughan

Round 1- Attempted leg kick by Gurgel caught by Vaughan but Gurgel locks in a guillotine and then tightens the grip and drops to the ground to secure the submission victory as Vaughan taps out.

Winner- Jorge Gurgel def Billy Vaughan via submission (guillotine choke) 0:44 of Round 1

6) Roger Bowling vs Josh Thornburg coming up next

Round 1- Bowling has dominated the whole round his strikeing and somehow Thornburg has been surviving and with 0:35 left Bowling attempted a guillotine choke and Thornburg survived the round.

Round 1 - 10-8 Bowling

Round 2- Bowling begins the round with a takedown and trying to work his guard and trying for d'arce choke but unsuccessful. Thronburg is able to momentarily get it into a closed guard and can see blood coming down from Thornburg's forehead. The referee stands them up with about 1:25 left. They exchange shots, but Thronburg's have a little impact as Bowling is starting to get tired. Heel-trip takedown by Thronburg is then reversed by Bowling as Thronburg has a closed guard to end the round. Give round 2 to Bowling 10-9

Round 3- Exchange of kicks by both fighters to open the final round. A takedown by Thronburg with another reversal by Bowling as he has side control as he tries to transition into full guard but Thornburg has him in a closed guard. Bowling was able to get it back side control but Thornburg got it back the closed guard. lack of action by both fighters as the crowd gets restless and starts booing but the referee stands them up. Bowling throws a left high kick and Bowling takes Thornburg down but Thronburg locks in a guillotine in the final 25 seconds but Bowling survives the round. Round 3 to Bowling

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why Michael Bisping Should be Fired by the UFC

When you look at Mike Tyson and Michael Bisping, they are two polar opposites you would think. One became the youngest heavyweight champion in the world in the sport of boxing and the other one hasn't fully lived up to his potential in the world of MMA. But, when you really look at it, mentally you could make the arguement they are very much alike.

Mike Tyson fought Evander Holyfield in a rematch for the WBA heavyweight title on June 28, 1997 in Las vegas at the MGM Grand and a lot of hype was going into that fight. Would Tyson prove the loss was a fluke and move onto face Lennox Lewis and regain his claim as the baddest man on the planet or would Holyfield define father time and prove it was no fluke. Well, in the 3rd a frustrated Tyson went and bit Holyfield's ear and the fight was allowed to continue, but a few moments Tyson went and did it again and a brawl broke out and the fight was stopped.

Tyson got fined $3 million dollars and his license got revoked for 1 year by the NSAC for his action on that June. Our view of Tyson was never the same after the bout and he got a punishment he deserved.

Fast forward to last night as Michael Bisping faced Jorge Rivera at UFC 127 at the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia in the co-main event. It was quite arguably the most anticpated bout of the evening as Rivera had made videos prior to the fight making fun of Bisping in every aspect.

The fighters weighed-in on Friday and when watching UFC President Dana White's video blog, you can blatently hear Bisping making homophobic slurs toward Rivera. Strike 1 was right there.

Then, we get to last night as both fighters didn't touch gloves to begin the bout. With 2:15 left in the first as Bisping was landing some really good strikes and Rivera was on both knees and Bisping kneed Rivera right to the forehead. In the UFC, that is illegal and the thing about is that Bisping waited a second and then kneed Rivera and pushed his head forward after that before referee Mark Goddard stepped in. And, as Bisping was walking to his corner, he went and gave the middle finger to Rivera's corner. Strike 2.

The fight did continue and Bisping ended winning the fight via TKO due to punches. As Goddard ended the fight, Bisping walked over to the corner of Rivera and spit right at them and then walked over to Rivera and called him a loser. Strike 3

I have no problem with guys being amped up and excited after a big win especially with the heat between these 2 heading into the bout last night. Homophobic slurs are uncalled for, regardless of the sport. Its deragotory and uncalled for and its a shame that the UFC and Dana White didn't out a stop to that after weigh-ins on Friday.

I truely think that if UFC officials would have stepped in and said something to Bisping, then what happened last night does not happen. Regardless of what Bisping tried to tell's Ariel Helwani afterwards that it was unintentional. That is one of the biggest lies I have ever heard. If it was unintentional it would have been done right when Rivera got to both knees, not wait a second, look right at him and then knee Rivera in the forehead with a push to the head to boot with a snicker and a middle finger to Rivera's corner.

Then, saying he spit at the ground and not at the corner of Rivera's, when the camera shows Bisping spitting right at Rivera's corner as you can see the reaction from them when it happened.

What a Michael Bisping did the last two days was a lot worse than what Paul Daley did to Josh Koscheck and he got fired for it. The UFC and Dana White just can't give Bisping a slap on the wrist here. It shouldn't matter that he put MMA on the map in the UK. The UFC can only do one thing and that's to the put "The Count" out of the UFC.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Final Strikeforce Notes/Thoughts

People say you should end things with a bang and that is what Strikeforce did last night. They had a really exciting undercard to get the crowd going. The main card started with Ovince St.Preux vs Benji Radach in a light heavyweight showdown in which St.Preux dominated Radach and knocked him down in the first round but couldn't finish him and the crowd was booing because of that. That is something that St.Preux and his camp need to steadly work if he is going evolve into a true mixed martial artist. Next for St.Preux? According to Strikeforce President Scott Coker, a fight on the card at the end of January. Radach? According to sources close to us, he is going to take a couple months off and decide what is next. Our sources also said that he weighed 225 heading into fight and didn't have the proper time to prepare and will be fighting at 185 next where a possible matchup with Tim Kennedy or a returning Luke Rockhold could be in his plans.

Mike Kyle vs Antonio Silva was an amazing bout and showed the fighting spirit of both fighters. Kyle came out as expected rushing at Silva and drops with an immediate right hand to floor silva but remarkably Silva surivived the round. In the 2nd round, Silva went to work as took Kyle to ground and locked in an anaconda choke, but Kyle showed the heart of champion and was able to get of it, but then Silva got in full mount and finished Kyle by grounding and pounding to a TKO victory. it was disclosed during the post-fight press conference that Kyle broke two bones in his right hand and pre-empts a potential bout with Gegard Mousasi in February. Kyle can fight at either heavyweight or light heavyweight but his best option is at LHW as he has won his last ten bouts at 205. Next for silva? Could be the much anticipated bout with Fedor Emeliananko.

Robbie Lawler vs Matt Lindland was your classic wrestler vs puncher matchup and this time the puncher won as Lindland tried to stand with Lawler and he knocked out Lindland 59 seconds into the very first round. This fight showed Robbie Lawler is a player at 185 and according to Scott Coker the fight with Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Jacare will be on his agenda to make. Lindland? Hopefully, for the sake of him and closest to him, he retires and keeps training. Two devasting KO's in the last year and you start to really about the safety of the fighter. Lindland looked every bit of 40 last night and for the sake of him and his legacy he does retire.

Paul Daley vs Scott Smith was everything you were expecting. It was the most highly anticipated bout of the evening and it delivered. They traded some shots to begin the fight, but Daley's shots were having more of a effect as you can tell that the weight cut had an effect on Smith. Daley hit Smith with an amazing triple left hook combination and then a few moments knocked Smith out with a left and Smith fell flat on his face. What's next for Daley? Daley said at the press conference that he would prefer KJ Noons as that is a money fight, but Noons hasn't made an announcemnet as to what weight class will be next for him.. If the Noons fight doesn't happen the fight, the fight that makes the most sense would be with Evangelista Cyborg then the winner would get a title shot at Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz. What's next for Smith? That's the million dollar question. He looked drained at 170 and just didn't look right and he seems like he's too small for 185 as he told at the pre-fight press conference that he only weighed 189 a couple weeks after the Cung Le fight in June. So, the future is on hold for Scott Smith as his future is in limbo.

Dan Henderson vs Babalu was the main event of the evening and both fighters had a lot on the line. For Babalu, this was his chance to make a big statement with a victory over a legend and finally get a chance to reclaim his Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Title and for Henderson this was a chance to regain some momentum after his loss to Jake Shields in his Strikeforce debut. With a loss it would hard for Strikeforce to retain him as Strikeforce gave him all that big money after his win over Michael Bisping at UFC 100. And Henderson didn't disappoint as at the beginning of the round he was trying close the distance with Babalu occasionally throwing a jab with Babalu really not do anything and being defensive. Then when Babalu tried throw a looping right hand, Henderson charged at Babalu and staggered him with a couple right hands and Babalu tried a single leg takedown as Henderson was able to get Babalu into full mount and ground and pounded his way to victory. What is next for Henderson? Scott Coker said that he will looking make Henderson vs Feijao for the title and have that fight take place in the beginning of 2011. That fight makes the most sense right now for Stirikeforce as they are thin at 205 with only Mousasi coming off a loss to King Mo in his last Strikeforce bout, King Mo is injured and Mike Kyle is injured and his return is unknown. What is next for Babalu? That is a question many people are wondering as he did not attend the press conference. A possible move to 185 isn't out of the question.

Strikeforce had a lot riding on this card last night and they delivered. They were going head to head with the UFC and they delivered. There last 3 fights ended in first round knockouts and the Silva vs Kyle ended in the 2nd. The guys that needed to win did win and only leads to better things for Strikeforce. When we will see Fedor? Sources close us tell us that they are close to deal and that will include a deal to where Showtime will air four M-1 Challenge series fights. That would be a coo for M-1, but it shows once again that Showtime/Strikeforce need fedor more than Fedor really needs them. Strikeforce also announced last night that highly touted prospect Tyron Woodley will be returning to action to face rising prospect Taric Saffiedine and Daniel Cormier faces Dennis Cole in the first Challengers series event of 2011 in Nashville. What a great way to start the year for Strikeforce. Start the year like the way they ended 2010 and that's with a definitve bang.